Sunday, November 18, 2012


Spending a saturday afternoon after spa surely has to be closed with a nice meal at nearby resto. I remember there is a newly opened place called "yeyo". It is located on Jalan Senopati, right accross Emily French Resto and Awfully Chocolate. South Jakarta.

Curious with its meaning, i googled and "yeyo" means something cool or nice in spanish.

I walked in with the expectation of some exotic cuisines. The architectural of this place is amazing. The parking area is on the semi basement, eating area on the first floor and outdoor bar on the second floor. I assume it is designed by a highly respected architect called Andra Matin. I wont be surprised if it is really him.

Beyond my expectation, on the menu book, there are pastas, soup, and steaks. Nothing is really extraordinary. My friend ordered "Roasted chicken breast with potatoes" (55k) while I ordered "Yeyo wagyu burger"(57k) as it bears the place's name. It supossed to be good. And for the drinks we had "Melon tea"(20k) and "iced green tea"(20k). For the first time, I was asked about the drink quality. Only for teas. Well, trying to be critical, they were too plain, just like water.

 The wagyu patty was quite juicy but not tasty. I asked for a chili and tomato sauce for that. But the fries, wow, the msg on the seasonings was really working. Could not help but to finish it. And I kept feeling thirsty afterwards.

And the chicken breast. It was a very big portion and cut. Unfortunately, the chicken was not marinated long enough. Or maybe it was cut too thick that it tasted nothing inside.

What i loved from this resto apart from the building, was the crowd. I think it was younger, preppy yet stylish people. Inspiring.


  1. actually the architect is a fresh graduate architect, Hardian Thomas from UPH. Very talented and a great conceptor.

  2. Ah cool! really talented and daring i would say. Cannot wait to see his next projects =)

  3. you will see his work soon enough :)